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May 21, 2009 - Potential Sites Evaluated

Twelve sites were submitted with locations ranging from large green fields, Historic Downtown, the Hotel District (Lindsey Boulevard/Utah Avenue),and developments like Snake River Landing and Sunnyside Crossroads. The advisory committee immediately disqualified two sites due to their lack of infrastructure and the high costs associated with establishing water, sewer, and power to the site. Two additional sites were disqualified due to: a lack of quality access; inadequate parking; multiple owners or parcel assemblage problems; as well as possible demolition or destruction of property with relocation of current facilities. The committee then created a matrix which evaluated the eight remaining sites against the following key criteria:

• Site size for initial program (e.g. building footprint, parking, truck delivery access)
• Site configuration
• Potential expansion area (e.g. additional parking, amenities)
• Site ability to serve current and future demographics
• Multiple ingress/egress opportunities for attendees via automobile, pedestrian/bicycle access
• Ability to link to recreational & park outdoor amenities
• Site ability for Event Center to complement surrounding areas
• Site ability to minimize off-site impacts (i.e. Noise to Residential)
• Site ability to allow for “ideal” Event Center program
• Site exposure and image
• Site solar and wind orientation
• Land availability, ease of acquisition, land cost
• Utility cost/availability
• Road and other infrastructure cost/availability
• Site slope, wetlands, geotechnical/environmental issues
• Site ability to garner community support/consensus
• Site ability for neighborhood enhancement and/or redevelopment

The committee evaluated each site using the matrix and a scoring system.