Solar Eclipse 2017



If you are a Short Term Rental, or considering renting your home on a one time or more basis, please read this post.

Q   Does renting a room in my home for one night during the eclipse make me a Short Term Rental?

A    Yes, renting your home, a room in your home, or a campsite on your property, on a continuing basis or even for just one night, deems you as a Short Term Rental.

Q    What must I do if I rent any art of my home or yard at any time during the year?

A    1. Read through the Owner STR Letter attached below.

2. Print the Registration Form attached below, fill it out and return it to the Idaho Falls Auditorium District.

3. Print the Blank Tax Form attached below, follow the directions on how to pay the Idaho Falls Auditorium Tax and submit with payment to the Idaho Falls Auditorium District.

For further assistance please call:  208.881.9585

Owner Letter to STR

Registration Form

Sales-Tax-Return Form

EIRMC Solar Eclipse Flier