The Idaho Falls Auditorium District is looking for an Executive Director to help complete the journey of designing, constructing, and maintaining a multipurpose event
center. The successful candidate will have a proven record of managing multimillion dollar projects and will have strong interpersonal communication skills.

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, staff, financial reporting, and strategic plan of the organization. Other duties include assistance with fundraising, marketing, and community outreach; and looking for and building collaborative relationships to promote the project as well as assuming a leadership role
in the community will be important. The Director reports directly to the Board.

The position will require strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, and task facilitation; and a demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff, volunteers, community leaders, and board members will be required for this position.

This position is especially attractive because the event center will be a major entertainment and cultural facility for the community. The events held within will provide
the successful candidate the satisfaction of knowing they have been instrumental in increasing the economy of the area and improving the lives of the residents.

Responsibilities will change as the project progresses but will include the development and execution of an overall project management plan for the event center and oversight
of the project plans of the teaming partners. Close communication with the board of directors and the teaming partners will be essential.

Compensation and benefits package are commensurate with experience and expertise.

A college degree is preferred for this position.

Please submit your resume including references, a cover letter stating why you would like this job, and why you are the best candidate to be selected.